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NextGEN Connect Challenge 2022

Route-based action plans to reduce GHG emissions








NextGEN Connect is organised by

Reducing Green House Gas Emissions on a Global Scale

“NextGEN Connect” aims to present scenario-based problem statements derived from NextGEN stakeholders and data collected from the NextGEN database. Through launching a “Call for Proposals” that will be open to industry, academia and global research centres, NextGEN Connect will bring different stakeholders together to offer solutions for inclusive maritime decarbonisation.

Challenge Statement

Route-based Challenge

Globally, there are many decarbonisation projects underway. The IMO-Singapore NextGEN (where GEN stands for “Green and Efficient Navigation”) virtual ecosystem lists 154 projects, across 13 fuel types and involving over 500 stakeholders around the world . These projects take a wide variety of forms and cover different focus areas, from ships to fuel R&D to capacity building to infrastructure development.

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Implement project in a pilot region with global partner support
Implement project in a pilot region with global partner support

The winning proposal will be piloted in a selected region, with support from IMO and partner organisations.

Unlock opportunities within the NextGEN Network
Unlock opportunities within the NextGEN Network

Join a global network of over 500 partners to feature your project and gain access to events focused on inclusive maritime decarbonisation.

Collaborate with global value-chain partners
Collaborate with global value-chain partners

Opportunity to collaborate with IMO and other value chain partners across the world.


NextGEN Connect 2022 Challenge Timeline

6 apr 2022 - 1 OCT 2022

Innovators will be able to register on the platform and submit their solution.

OCT 2022 - NOV 2022

Up to 5 finalists will be selected by a panel of industry experts.

NOV 2022 - FEB 2023

Shortlisted innovators will be contacted by the judging panel for evaluation.

Announce Winner
APR 2023
Announce Winner

Winning solution will be selected for pilot implementation in consultation with relevant stakeholders.

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